The Palace Foundation

The Palace building has been an essential part of the Monroe skyline and the people who have graced the streets of Downtown Monroe since its inception. Whether it’s the “water tower building”, a regional shopping adventure, a church, an art gallery, or “the place where they show the free movies in the park,” the Palace is proud to still be bringing life to the downtown community. It’s in that vein, we hope to continue to serve the community as place for events, the arts, and downtown cinema.

“The Palace is special place, hosting 4 churches and tons of community events both in the park, on the short side, or within the auditorium. “

TEDx Monroe held its first gathering at the Palace, we’ve had Monroe’s young professionals, Tech x 20, and few fashion shows.

The Gallery Crawls & Downtown Cinema are such an exciting part of downtown Monroe & the Palace is right in the midst of it all.